Due to corona virus, We are giving online classes


Dear  Parents / Students ,
                                        Every student is a part of one big family at Udam School.  Learning is a lifelong process and is not confined to school or college life.  We as a school, aim at equipping the child with the necessary skill sets to learn as well as adapt, to enable the transition from a student to a responsible adult easier.
      What we try to do here at Udgam School is to create an environment to develop the skills, give them the freedom to express themselves as creative pupils and prepare them to face the challenges ahead.
        There is no fixed age for learning. We learn throughout our lives. Along with the students the teachers, staff and parents are also learning, knowingly or unknowingly. What we stress on here is a partnership between the teachers/ management, keeping in mind the child’s overall development.
                   Learning is not limited just to textbooks, notes and assignments here. Equal importance is given to the development of the character of the child. We stress on the importance of values such as honesty, self-control, developing self-confidence, good decision-making skills, friendship, living in harmony, compassion and many more.

                   “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

   Rightly said by Albert Einstein, since what we learn has to become a way of life,  education should have a positive impact on the child’s life. We need to focus on relevant methods as well as what a child requires to prosper as an adult.
             Discipline plays an especially important role for the children here at Udgam. Value education classes, activities related to discipline, punctuality, respecting elders are imparted on a timely basis and we expect the parents to follow them in order to impart it successfully.  Do remember that Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. 
                       I look forward to answering any further questions you have, working together for the future of our upcoming generation and being a part of the change which is very much needed.

Thank you.

Udgam School